Real time analytics

View your customer actions and feedback in order to draw insights and lower your customer churn.

Customer activity

Your Raaft dashboard displays all of your customer's actions inside your retention flow. Select date ranges to see trends and quickly draw insights about why customers are leaving. Here's a few pieces of data you can see in real time:

~How many people enter your retention flow
~How many people are canceling
~The most popular motivators for those who leave
~The most popular motivators for those who stay
screenshot of Raaft customer activity dashboard
screenshot of Raaft real time notifications

Real time notifications

You'll see live updates come in every time someone exists your retention flow (by cancelling, being saved, or leaving it incomplete). Your dashboard gives you a quick update on who the customer is, what motivator they chose, and even some of their feedback if they left it. You can easily click into these notifications to see the full details in your feedback section.

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