Retention opportunities

Meet your customers where they're at and offer unique responses to reduce cancellations.
Screenshot of Raaft's retention opportunities

Offer discounts

Easily extend discounts to customers who are considering cancellation. Earn the opportunity to re-engage these customers and get them back to using and loving your Saas product.
Screenshot of Raaft's discount offer
respond to objectionslans

Switch plans

Your customer might just be on the wrong plan. Raaft enables you to offer the opportunity to switch to the plan that makes the most sense. The right-sized plan can increase customer satisfaction and extend lifetime value.

Pause subscription

Often times customers are leaving because of timing. With Raaft, you can let them pause their Saas subscription and restart automatically.
Screenshot of Raaft's pausing interface
Screenshot of Raaft's custom link options

Custom link

For customers who are looking for more information, you can offer to send them to a page with upcoming features, help articles, or even open a chat conversation with your support team.

Request a call

Some customers are considering canceling, but really just need some immediate help. Raaft lets you offer a phone call request. You get an immediate notification to call and engage before they cancel.
Screenshot of Raaft's request a call option

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Retention opportunities
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