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Collect feedback & save customers in your cancellation flow.

automated win/loss analysis
Trusted by top Saas companies:
Trusted by top Saas companies:
"Raaft helps us keep customers! Even when we lose a customer, we now know exactly why they left. Exit feedback has never been easy, but Raaft has made it simple to get and easy to understand."
“Raaft helps us prevent customer churn by allowing us to give the customer the information they need at a critical moment in the customer journey.”
“Raaft has been invaluable in understanding why our customers leave us, and more importantly, how to keep the ones who stay happy”
Integrations with:

Retention opportunities

Raaft enables you to automatically extend offers to customers in your retention flow. You can even tie these offers to their motivation for leaving so you give them just what they're looking for. Churn down, retention up!
know why customers are exiting
respond to objections

Cancellation insights

Raaft makes it easy for your customer to tell you why they're leaving. They can choose from preselected motivators that you offer as well as leave custom feedback that shows up in your dashboard. This is the data that allows you to build a better product for the future.
respond to objections
respond to objections

Real time analytics

Raaft collects all of your customer data and feedback and shows it to you with insights in a simple dashboard. You'll know things like:

~ Who is considering canceling
~ Who has canceled
~ Why they're canceled
~ What offers are keeping people around
Understand why your customers are exiting
easy to deploy. no code.

Simple design & management

No added development time. You can build your first Raaft retention flow and have it live on your site in 15 minutes. Just a few code snippets to copy over and the rest can be managed by your customer success or product management team.
easy to deploy. no code.


Raaft works with the most popular and trusted payment processors to handle your subscriptions. Raaft also has a Zapier integration so you can do exactly what you want with the data that Raaft collects.

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