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Collect feedback & save customers in your cancellation flow.

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automated win/loss analysis
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Reclaim your time

Stop wasting time wondering why your customers won't stay. We got you.

Build a product your customers love

Know that your service solves a real problem for real customers.

Watch your business grow

Scale. Establish your offering. Grow your bottom line.

Raaft helps us keep customers! Even when we lose a customer, we now know exactly why they left. Exit feedback has never been easy, but Raaft has made it simple to get and easy to understand.

Brennan de Raad   |   CEO of

What will my customers see?

Try out the cancel button to see what a Raaft retention flow looks like. Remember you can customize every step when you build yours.


You don't have time to

collect feedback from everyone who cancels.

Don’t worry, Raaft does. 

Raaft automatically collects feedback to reduce churn and improve your customer experience.
Understand why your customers are exiting
respond to objections

You don’t have the resources to

offer custom options to every cancelling customer.

You’re about to. 

Raaft responds to a canceling customer's objections automatically, saving time & reducing churn.
respond to objections

Your engineers are busy, and you need to

implement today with one line of code.

What are you waiting for?

Have your developer add the javascript snippet to your site and you're set. You'll never use development time to configure your cancellation flow and you'll be retaining at-risk customers in no time.
know why customers are exiting
easy to deploy. no code.

Your designers are picky, and you need to

customize the experience to fit your brand.

Good. Raaft values UX. 

Raaft was designed with a simple workflow to allow you to customize your language and UI to fit your brand so it feels like part of your product.

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