Case Study: Scout IQ Lowers Churn with Raaft

Discover what ScoutIQ does, the common problems they were facing, and their results after implementing Raaft.

Case study
January 30, 2019

Saas owners are faced with the challenge of acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones. Often, solutions for one of these issues can positively impact or help the other issue. This is the case for ScoutIQ a customer of Raaft. Let’s discover what ScoutIQ does, the problems they were facing, how Raaft was deployed, and the results of using Raaft.

ScoutIQ logo for case study

What is ScoutIQ

ScoutIQ started in beta in April, 2017. It is an online application for finding used products (i.e. books) that will resell profitably on Amazon. Users scan barcodes with the mobile app and immediately see what profit they can expect reselling it on Amazon FBA.

ScoutIQ’s Problem That Prompted Using Raaft

After launch, ScoutIQ had a significant number of people signing up. Many of them were churning out. They also noticed sporadic fluctuations in churn. Some months would have a high churn rate and the next month it would be low. They did not know why. Without any idea as to why customers were leaving, the team at ScoutIQ was only able to speculate. The prevailing theory was that users were leaving because they found a better piece of software. This led the team to pursue feature development in order to compete with other products in order to reduce churn. A tool was needed to discover the real reason customers were churning.

How Raaft was Deployed

Deploying Raaft was very simple. ScoutIQ sent the details over to Raaft’s developer and they did not have any questions. Raaft was able to deploy ScoutIQ’s dashboard quickly. Once deployed Raaft worked flawlessly for ScoutIQ.

Results ScoutIQ Received from Using Raaft

Using Raaft, ScoutIQ was able to quickly gain deeper insights as to the reasons customers were churning. It turns out that, almost no one was leaving because they found better software. Instead, the motivators and feedback showed them other areas where they needed to focus. Many customers stopped using the software because they had difficulty understanding how to use it correctly. This showed the ScoutIQ team that onboarding and training were areas where they needed to focus. Similarly, some customers said the product was too expensive. By addressing the first issue, the second issue is often resolved. ScoutIQ said, "This is really just a training issue... if they're using the product right, they should be able to earn far more than the monthly fee." By understanding the real problems, ScoutIQ was able to focus on addressing the real issues.

How These Results Helped Scout IQ in Other Areas

ScoutIQ was able to gain deeper insights from all customers. ScoutIQ requires a credit card in order to start a free trial. For a customer to end a trial, they must log in to self cancel. This allows them to push trial users through their retention flow. They get clear feedback from both trialing and paying customers. These insights allow ScoutIQ to clearly understand why some customers succeed and others don't.

ScoutIQ was able to fix their unknown pricing issues. They have two plan types. Initially, it was not clear to customers the benefits of one plan over the other. Raaft was able to gain insights as to this confusion. ScoutIQ learned that customers would cancel because they were on the wrong plan for their needs. They would not have known that users were not staying simply because they were on the wrong plan. ScoutIQ was able to reduce churn by addressing this issue.

Scout IQ went on to say,

“We really want to try out your other features, but we get plenty of value out of what we're doing right now!”

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