Turning Customers Cancellations Into an Opportunity for Growth

Instead of fighting the churn, companies should create a cancellation workflow that puts customer’s needs first.

Retention opportunities
August 11, 2018

They say that breaking up is hard to do. And if you’ve ever tried to cancel your subscription with a business that doesn’t want to let go, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. Limited contact methods, hidden policies, questions, confirmation messages, and automatic renewals can make it tough for a customer who isn’t satisfied with a service to get away.

Instead of fighting the churn, companies should create a cancellation workflow that puts customer’s needs first. Whether coming or going, make each step in the customer journey simple and transparent and you’ll earn your customers’ respect.

Give your customers a reason to stay

Any SaaS company trying reduce cancellations should do the following:

  • Focus on customer success by ensuring that your users have access to resources in various formats explaining how to use your product.
  • Ask questions and review customer feedback during every step in the customer journey and address the pain points this feedback reveals.
  • Present your customers with alternatives to canceling such as additional customer support, pausing their subscription, or another incentive.
  • Empower your customers by making sure that your cancellation policies are accessible and the process is frictionless.

Finally, There’s no need to be coy when you and a customer go your separate ways. Instead, use the breakup as a learning opportunity. During offboarding, ask customers why they want to go and what would have convinced them to stay. Then, use this information to improve your product and earn more satisfied customers in the future.

Read the full article, How Transparency in SaaS Offboarding Reduces Churn, by Shayla Price.

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