The Stripe Customer Portal is a great tool to let users handle their own subscriptions of your product.

It provides a bunch of functionality by default with a page hosted by Stripe. I personally believe this is the right tool for most companies getting started.

However, when you start having 8-10 cancellations per month it starts to fall short.

While Stripe's Customer Portal offers a seamless user experience, it also lacks some key features which lead to higher churn rates.

The best cancellation flows strike a careful balance between allowing users a hassle-free exit process and offering opportunities for feedback, retention efforts, and showcasing the value they might lose.

When customers use the Stripe Customer Portal to cancel their subscription, 2 main issues occur:

  • Unforeseen cancellation of subscriptions.
  • Lack of churn feedback.

Who is this article for?

  • SaaS Founders who are utilizing Stripe's customer portal.
  • Entrepreneurs seeking to minimize user churn and enhance customer retention.
  • Those curious about why users choose to cancel and how to address their concerns.

With years in the SaaS space and deep expertise in customer retention strategies, I've seen firsthand how minor changes can lead to significant outcomes.

The key isn't just to make the cancellation process harder, but to understand the underlying reasons and act on them.

It's a game of understanding, empathy, and strategy.

Main Issues of Stripe Customer Portal For SaaS Cancellation

1. No Loss Aversion

One of the most noticeable shortcomings of the Stripe Customer Portal is the abrupt cancellation process.

Users can terminate their subscription swiftly without being shown the value they're about to lose.

This instant cutoff deprives SaaS founders of the opportunity to remind customers of the perks, features, and benefits that they'll miss out on post-cancellation.

2. Limited Feedback

Another significant flaw is the lack of detailed feedback.

When a user decides to part ways, it's crucial for businesses to understand the reasons behind their decision.

Stripe's current setup doesn't offer an incentive for users to provide comprehensive feedback. This omission makes it challenging for SaaS companies to iterate and improve their offerings based on user insights.

3. Lack of Reporting

The Stripe Customer Portal falls short in terms of reporting. Without granular data or a way to discern cancellation patterns, businesses are left in the dark.

This obscurity hinders any meaningful analysis and makes it hard for companies to identify and rectify potential areas of concern:

  • Cancellation insights allow SaaS founders to pinpoint specific product or service pain points that lead to user churn.
  • Understanding cancellation reasons can guide effective product iteration and refinement to better meet user needs.
  • Analyzing cancellation trends provides actionable data for optimizing customer retention strategies.
  • Insights from cancellations can inform targeted re-engagement campaigns, turning lost customers into potential returnees.
  • By gauging the reasons behind cancellations, founders can refine their onboarding process, ensuring users see immediate value in the offering.

Best Stripe Customer Portal User Cancellation Alternative

Raaft is well-equipped to meet the needs of SaaS founders by offering the necessary tools for monitoring user churn and collecting cancellation insights.

When it comes to understanding why users churn and how you can prevent your user base from resembling a leaking bucket, Raaft has a critical role to play in your technology stack.

1. Tailored Offers for Retention

Tools to analyse churn

Raaft stands out by allowing businesses to provide custom offers based on the user's plan and the reason for cancellation.

This level of personalization can make a significant difference. Instead of presenting generic messages, you're giving customers targeted incentives that might make them reconsider their decision.

2. Early Warning Signals

A standout feature of Raaft is its ability to alert businesses when a customer attempts to cancel.

This advanced notice can be a game-changer.

It offers companies a window to address any concerns or issues, potentially swaying the user's decision before the final cancellation.

3. Robust Reporting Capabilities

Churn Dashboard

With Raaft, reporting isn’t just an afterthought—it's an integral feature.

The platform provides in-depth insights and analytics, allowing SaaS founders to understand cancellation trends, patterns, and user sentiments.

This rich data enables businesses to strategize more effectively, making informed decisions to lower churn rates.

Using Raaft For Collecting Cancellation Insights

While the Stripe Customer Portal offers a seamless cancellation process for users, it might not always be the best choice for SaaS businesses aiming to retain customers and glean valuable insights.

Tools like Raaft step in to bridge this gap, offering features tailored to the unique challenges faced by SaaS companies.

The key is to find the balance between providing users with a straightforward cancellation process while still capitalizing on opportunities for retention and feedback.

If you’re ready to get started and take steps to reduce your SaaS churn, you can try Raaft for free today.

Adam Crookes
Written byAdam Crookes
Reviewed byMiguel Marques

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